Center for Nonviolent Action (CNA)

The Sarajevo and Belgrade based organization was highly influential on the foundation and development of ANP. By providing trainings, seminars and expertise on nonviolent conflict transformation, Peacebuilding and Dealing with the Past, their support for ANP cannot be overstated. Ever since, ANP and CNA are engaged in a fruitful regional cooperation to promote peace on the Balkans.

Mennonite Central Committee (MCC)

MCC is a global, faith based organization from the U.S. and Canada. As nonprofit organization they’re committed to good relationships with local partners and churches all over the world. MCC is active in the fields of development aid and is supporting peace and justice. The cooperation with ANP started in 2006. Since then several Projects have been implemented successfully and a good partnership has been established.

KURVE Wustrow

KURVE Wustrow

In 2014 ANP has founded a partnership with the German organization KURVE Wustrow. Since then ANP is engaged in the partner project “Dealing with the Past in Kosovo” combining local expertise and external capacities in that topic.

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