A call for peace

We live in a world
with accelerated time,
and time is ticking away,
until self-destruction.

And we never learn
But, out of place,
we fire weapons,
seemingly to bring order.

We make
the mountains tremble,
shake the ground,
rage the sea,
harm the planet.

If we don’t stop,
a heavy curse will be cast upon us
when our descendants
will look and see
what we did;
how we left them homeless,
without inheritance.

They will ask themselves:
were they so deranged,
walking over the living things,
and wasting all these resources,
for profits?!

Even today,
the word
stuck in a circle,
in vain.

Sleeping consciousness
plays hide and seek
with the truth,
helps peace
to find

Emine Ismajli
Translated: Biena Veselaj