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This calendar is dedicated to the topic of gender sensitivity and raising girls’ and women’s self-confidence. Like a little miracle, it reminds us that we are beautiful, smart, talented, strong, successful, and much more, each time we look at it. We hope this will empower girls and women. May they be empowered so that they […]

The documentary movie Loop is online now. The movie shows Prizren and its past from a multicultural, multiethnic and multireligious angle. It was made in close cooperation of ANP and Alba Cakalli, who is a participant of ANP’s project “Dealing with the Past in Kosovo”, that is realized in partnership with KURVE Wustrow.

The partnership between Kurve Wustrow and ANP started three years ago. Since then a lot of activities within the common project about Dealing with the Past have been accomplished. Unfortunately, a lot of theses activities are not visible for everyone. However, we just finished a documentary of 40 min to provide a good impression of […]